David Whittaker.
Artist working in the film and game industry. DWhittakerART@Gmail.com

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What you apparently want to paint when listening to Limp Bizkit
Hey, 20 minute sketch, cheers bye.
Really finding it worthwhile to look back at the masters of 100+ years ago and learning from looking at their paintings, trying to avoid common present day trends in concept art is my next step to making my work become more enjoyable to myself.
hey guys i hope you like colours and sketches and art produced with severe hangovers
Commission piece, old mate Joe the owner is a champ and has let me put it up on my blog. In a lot of aspects this would have to be the best piece i’ve created thus far.
My friend Alexis told me about a place in Vietnam called Sapa, the images of the rice fields that follow the contours of the land blew me away. i just had to do a painting inspired by these.
Mostly inspired by the latest Neon Genesis (3.33) with a dash of the BLAME! series, I enjoy large structures, scale and the feeling of isolation in my paintings so expect more of these!
Tonight’s sketch!
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Re-painted a painting i did maybe 8 months ago, decided to put a few hours into it for a mothers day present, since Ma is always asking for my art to frame. Hope she likes weird monolithic structures.